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About Cody
Why Cody's App Academy?


Cody’s App Academy has award winning experienced trainers, a game-like environment, and guided tutorials to make it fun and easy for kids to learn programming. We have a complete learning system with online courses that teach programming and computational thinking to kids of all ages, whether they have had prior coding experience or not.

Children create, demonstrate, and implement everyday programming solutions!

kids animation and programming project
Our Staff
Game Developers Minded


We want to deliver the best experiences for the kids at Game Industry. That's why Cody's App Academy make collaboration with many passionated-great-game-studios in Indonesia.

Our Partner


Our courses is delivered by the professionals. See more about our partner.



Indonesian game company since 2011 that aims to spread joy to the world!


website :


More Portofolio :

Solite Studio


Located in Bangkalan Indonesia that have a dream to make a game that not only makes people fun but also has educational meaning.


website :


More Portofolio :



Dicoding menghubungkan developer dan partner untuk berkolaborasi dalam mengembangkan produk teknologi.


Developer mendapatkan jaminan investasi untuk pengembangan produk teknologi. Partner mendapatkan produk teknologi terbaik dari developer yang tepat.


website :


showcase :

Our team consists of IT professionals with expertise in three platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows), mobile app development, JavaScript programming, and a UI/UX design to make sure the apps do the wonder.


Website :

Radya Labs is a mobile software development company, based in Bandung, Indonesia. We provide mobility solution to help organization transform their business and reach their customers.


Website :

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