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About Us
Kelas Programming Anak di 2020

Premium Online and Offline Game Programming for Kids

Coding class for kids located in Bintaro, Indonesia. With experienced trainers from game industries and fun environment to learn programming and creating games. We delivers a special courses made only for kids. We've got more than 10 years experiences in gaming industry of Indonesia. And together with the kids, we want to spread our love and passion in gaming to the world!


"We deliver challenging and rewarding environments for the kids. Yet fun is our TOP priorities!"

- Trainers
Who We Are?
Award Winning Top Developers.

Our team consists of award-winning top developers who have produced apps with more than 1 million downloads. We simply want to empower and foster the growth of this country’s next young innovators.

Wisnu Sanjaya

Producer and designer of game series with more than 1 million downloads.

Experienced in professional Game Industries more than 6 years.

Asadullohil Ghalib

Producer of “Save the Hamster”, a fun numerical game that is sure to captivate the hearts and minds of young learners everywhere.

Our Partner

We working with great Game Developers in Indonesia to ensure our quality and output!

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Cody's App Academy The Game!

Download and play our newest game! It's time for your children to play and learn how to solve a problem trough programming!

available for :

Cody's Past Events

Kids Coding Competition 2015 v.1 with Intel and Microsoft

Kid's Coding Competition 2015 held at Bintaro Entertainment Center. Thanks for all the participant! Wait for another events created by Cody's App Academy!

Kids Coding Competition 2015

Kids Coding Competition 2015 v.2

with Indosat IWIC 9

Thanks for the BIG support from Indosat and Intel Indonesia for this amazing event!

Kids Coding Competition 2015

Kids Coding Competition 2015 v.3 with Intel #zerotohero

Being held at Cilandak Town Square , with Intel Indonesia we want to prove that kids can be productive with technology.

Kids Coding Competition 2015

Kids Coding Competition 2016 v.1 at Kopitiam QQ

New concept! Casual coding session at the cozy Kopitiam QQ. Coding can be fun and casual!

Kids Coding Competition 2016

Kids Coding Competition 2016 v.2 with Indosat Ooredoo IWIC-10

A big commitment from Indosat Ooredoo to take the competition to the next level. Take a place at Bintaro Xchange Mall. 

Kids Coding Competition 2016

Kids Coding Competition 2017 with Bintaro Entertainment Center

This year we're with a non-profit organizations. We want our competiton to touch as many kids as possible. Because every kids needs to learn how to create a games!

Kids Coding Competition 2017

Kids Coding Competition 2018 with Bintaro Entertainment Center

Our 3rd year and our 9th competitions so far. We're teaching the kids how to create a game. And now the prize is a game console! It's a Nintendo Switch!

Kids Coding Competition 2018
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