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Cody's App


How Do Kids Learn?

Get started quickly with guided exercises and interactive tutorials.


With visual programming, easily snap code blocks together to create programs.


Personalize projects with customized characters and realistic game play.

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Student's Showcase

Kids using their own hand-made artwork for their programming projects.

Having Fun!

We believe that the kids always need to be happy at our class!

Greeting Cards

Sample of basic project in programming courses.

Kids Sample

The adventure of talking hamburger. Sample of animation project from Basic-1 or the first month at Cody's App Academy.


The winner of Indonesian Kids Coding Competition 2015 , at Bintaro Entertainment Center.

Physics Game Sample

Sample of physics game that learned in Intermediate Level.

We design our courses to motivate and inspire kids to bring their creative ideas to life.

Kids become creators as they make their own games, animated stories, and projects.

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